The beginnings: how DNARenewal came to be

The story is simple: the lack of quality, science based ingredients in skin care products plus the increase of skin cancer rates every year led Dr. Moy to want to make a difference in his patient's lives. 

For those of you who know our founder, Dr. Ron Moy, you know that he is a doctor through and through. He thinks science is cool and is genuinely surprised that people don't read medical journals for fun. So when he read an article in medicine's most highly respected journal, The Lancet, about DNA Repair Enzymes and how they lowered the rate of actinic keratosis in patients with xeroderma pigmentosum (a rare hereditary defect of the enzyme system that repairs DNA after damage from ultraviolet rays, resulting in extreme sensitivity to sunlight and a tendency to develop skin cancer) in 2001, he was interested to see how this would effect his own patients in his practice in Los Angeles. 

He began prescribing the same DNA Repair Enzyme cream used in the study to his patients who were prone to skin cancer and was amazed by the improvement in texture and sun damage they saw. Sun damage often manifests itself in wrinkles, brown spots and leathery skin, and the improvement his patients saw in their skin was incredibly encouraging to Dr. Moy. When the company was bought over and it's production stopped, Dr. Moy was at a loss. He had seen firsthand the benefit DNA Repair Enzymes had on his patients, especially those prone to actinic keratosis (pre cancerous lesions) and didn't want his patients to be without it. He didn't see a void in the marketplace, he saw a void in providing his patients with the best care possible.

DNARenewal was started after years of Dr. Moy witnessing the benefits of DNA Repair Enzyme creams first hand. As a past president of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and a current Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation, he knows first hand that skin cancer rates show no signs of slowing down. Even as he worked with to implement the "broad spectrum" labeling on sunscreens across that nation in 2011, he was sure there was more that could be done to prevent skin cancer. That's why he reached out to the researchers behind the original 2001 Lancet article, and combined their research with his own 25+ years of experience as a practicing dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and came up with DNARenewal. 

DNARenewal is about bringing scientifically proven and naturally derived ingredients to at home skin care. To Dr. Moy, it's much more than a beauty brand, it's a passion project.


Dr. Ron Moy, founder of DNARenewal

A young Dr. Moy in his natural habitat, in front of a microscope

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